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Sassa™ Facial Microscrub

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Rough day at work? Outdoor meeting? UV rays and stress cause skin breakout and acne - making your skin look unhealthy and dull!

SmoothSoftSkin™ introduces Sassa™.

Sassa™ is the best skin care device you need for your busy schedule!

Use it with your facial wash and it will surely cleanse and rejuvenate your skin cells - in just 3 minutes.

Sassa™ facial microscrub is an ultimate must-have for every women. It is built with soft silicone and T-Sonic Pulsation that deep cleanse your pores - making your skin glow even better!

Rejuvenate The Glow On Your Skin!

A proper skin care is important to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Regular face cleansing is good but with the help of Sassa™ - it will take your daily skin routine to a whole new level.

A Beauty Wonder!

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