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90 day money back guarantee

Here’s the deal!
We will guarantee the money back if you are unsatisfied with just 4 easy steps!
Smoothsoftskin™ is confident that you will be having positive results with your IPL handset. We would be giving your money back if there are no visible results on your part. No Questions asked! Since this is a DIY hair removal we would need to know that you are using the handset for the next 3 months to be eligible for the money back guarantee. All you need to do is follow these simple steps for us to know that you are using the product! Offer starts from January 2018 until December 2021.
1. Send an email to us! 
Once you get the handset, email us at and include the ff in the email.

          a. Subject: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
              This will make sure that our email won’t go to your SPAM and keep track on your progress.
          b. Send photo of you with the handset

2. Take photos as evidence of your usage. 

Every time after you use the handset, take a photo of you, the handset and an evidence of the actual date (newspaper or phone calendar) on date you used the handset.

3. Upload on Instagram and Tag Us! **

Tag us in Instagram at @smoothsoftskinco and hashtag #90daysmoothsoftskin on the same day of your IPL session.

If you don’t have Instagram, you can email us at with the subject #90daysmoothsoftskin with the picture of you and your handset with the date evidence.

** If you do not want your photos to be posted on social media, you can just save it and provide as evidence of usage when you are claiming a refund. 

4. Do this every week after your IPL session for the next 12 weeks. That’s it!

After 90 days, If you are not happy with the results, send us an email at and we will confirm that you have actually used the handset continuously through your IG post and email. Once confirmed, we will notify you that your money back eligibility has been approved and we will email you instructions how to return the handset with its original packaging. Incomplete and illegible claims will be deemed invalid.

Please take note that you will be responsible for the shipping fee when returning the handset. Once returned, our handset’s purchase price will be refunded to you.